Make Latimer Ave Safer

Jane Moore
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Latimer Avenue traffic is much heavier than in the past. One main contributor is Shoppers with the Latimer exit that blocks pedestrians walking and safe entrance to our street with all the parked cars near the exit. The large delivery trucks for the store are also a big problem. A neighbour's lawn has been damaged, the trucks arrive on Latimer during the evening and very early am hours, back up beepers are loud when used and turned off at other times causing another safety issue. We are asking for support to close the Latimer exit to reduce safety problems. We know that the LRT development that includes a station at Chaplin will make the Shoppers lot a shortcut for vehicles on Eglinton. There is a no truck sign on Latimer that is currently ignored as it the No Left Turn between 4 - 6. Lets work to make our street safer now.




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