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Make Gay Marriage Legal Everywhere

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I am for, 100% for gay marriage. Everyone should have the right to marry who they want to marry. All reasons against gay marriage are irrelevant. Some say it's unnatural. Us humans draw the lines. We say what is "natural" and what isn't. It's wrong to say that those lines should be unbendable, unbreakable. All over the world, people do different things to express themselves. Who is anyone to decide what they can and can't be? Who is anyone to say what they should be? It's no one's right to decide who others should love. Others say gays are defying god. Well, this isn't really relevant to me, because I'm atheist, but to non-atheists, in my opinion, god shouldn't be able to decide who you are. God should aid whoever you are. In my opinion, god should support rights for all people, including gays. I mean, that sounds like a fantastic god to me. Again, not really my place. That's a whole other debate. Still others say that homosexuals are controlled by demons. First of all, what? Secondly, saying that is implying demons exist. I don't think they do, but some do. I don't really have anything to say to that, other than, I assure you they are not. Gay Marriage should be legal everywhere in America. Throughout history, many groups of people have been discriminated and robbed of their rights. Women were denied the right to vote. African Americans were denied the right to marry white people. Eventually, almost every group were given their rights. Everyone who fought against them ended up on the wrong side of history. This is the same. Gays are denied the right to marry one another in many places. This is wrong. This is saying that gay people don't deserve what straight people do. This is unconstitutional. Everyone has the right to marry who they choose. Sometime in the future, people will look back on this and say, "Why didn't they give gay people rights? That's crazy!", just as we say about women or black people or slavery. Gay Marriage should be allowed by the rights of humanity. Sign this petition and be on the right side of history. Your great grandchildren will be proud.

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