Make Football Fair Play Again! Send Robben Home

Igor Telepcak
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Dutch forward Arjen Robben might have succeeded in fooling referee Pedro Proenca in the game Mexico vs Netherlands (1:2, June 30, 2014) to get a game winning penalty in overtime, but will he be allowed again to show off his cheats and dives in the next game?

Petition FIFA to make a thorough examination of the case. If the accusations of cheating come true, let disciplinary commision send this player home from championships as quickly as possible.

We believe Football (Soccer) should be a FAIR GAME not an exhibition of con artists!

(*This petition is a reaction to an unbelievable loss of a game by Mexico brought by supposed cheating of Netherlands player Arjen Robben to win a penalty kick in overtime. Suggestions to improve the petition are welcome. I would also appreciate suggestion if I need permission to use photos from FIFA as pictures? )




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