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We Deviants Wanted a Choice over the New Submission

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The dA-admins of DeviantART just shoved and forced upon us the new submission process. This new submission is faulty, it's an unnecessary application over DeviantART, it doesn't help you at all to improve your artworks or any art-related reasons of why you wanted to share your artwork, and at most, it may not even let your share your artworks at all. Keep in mind that this is not a propaganda or a petition that says we hate the admins and all those negativism. This petition is devoted to the sentiment that we deviants understand the dA-admins wanting their new feature, but also that the dA-admins would also listen and understand to us deviants that we prefer the previous submission process. This petition does not support any cussing, hate-speech, immaturities, and the like. This petition is solely devoted in speaking out the ultimate message from the deviants to the admins: we like to have a CHOICE regarding the new submission process. We would not say any contradictory statements to this matter if only the new system actually works.




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