Make Club Penguin back the way it was!

Federico Vazquez
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6 Signatures Goal: 5,000

Guys the reason why I made this petition is because Disney ruined club penguin! That's the only reason why I hate Disney sometimes here's my statement.


A. They tore down the ninja hideout

B. They tore down the recycling plant in order to make cpu (Club Penguin University). Couldn't they just make a new room for the university building or for the recycling plant?

C. They keep making new outfits in the clothes shop and to be honest, they never bring back the old outfits in the past. Even though I started playing cp in 2009, I liked the old outfits when they started cp and when I started playing.

D. They mostly make new activites for MEMBERS ONLY such as puffle digging for rare stuff and party activites. Non members can barely do anything fun on Club Penguin. It's wrong and it's mean!

E. What I really hate the most, is ad parties! I give anything to get old cp parties back! Ad parties are ridicules! They get boring when you have too much fun with them and you wished old cp parties back!

I had it with Disney changing cp too much. This has got to stop! Cp will become less fun now if it keeps being too new. We have to do something before cp is sad and more disappointing. Please do it by signing this petition right away. I know 5,000 signatures is hard work but just do these steps in order to do the work faster


1. Spread the word with this petition only!

2. Make people realize that this petition is a good reason to sign it!

3. Get your club penguin pals or any other pals you know that plays cp tell them about this petition!

4. Give them the link of this petition! VERY IMPORTANT STEP!

5. Every signature counts so sign it as much as you want. That way we may be able to get a bonus on our petition.

Please do spread the word and don't forget these steps. I'm counting on everyone to sign the petition I'm sending to cp. Don't think of it as an epic fail. I'll make sure I give out spefific details about why we want Club Penguin back to normal with no more new changes. Just keep it the way it was and no ad parties! Thanks. :)

~Fred37196 (Penguin Name)

~Federico Vazquez (My real name)






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