Lets make an artificial tree a reality

Samantha Tirado
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Trees are used every day for daily needs. However every Christmas seaon, 1 tree is unessesarily cut down to be used in the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. Not only does this have many costly factors, but it has a huge environmental impact on the wildlife who made that tree a home and to the actual death of the tree itself for no significant purpose. The goal of this petition is to get Jerry Speyer (current owner of Rockefeller Center) and other city officals to be open to the idea of replacing the annual real x-mas tree with a re-useable artifical one. The pros of an artifical x-mas tree in Rockefeller Center is an environmentally friendly alternative and much less costly than a real tree, it can also be used every christmas season for years to come. Please sign this petition so that we can make an artifical tree a reality. Thank you.

~Samantha Tirado



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