Make Air India the Finest Tourism Ambassador Of India.

Apurva Mody
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Dear Narendra Mody,

In your party's election manifesto you have focused on Tourism as a key driver for employment generation and economic prosperity. However, as a direct extension of this statement you have forgotten to include our national airline Air India whose role as the Ambassador for tourism has not been defined.
Air India till date has been only a puppet in the hands of Civil Aviation ministry and bureaucrats as well as the ruling party who have used it as personal property. Air India is deep in debt to the whole world, has the worst safety and service record in the world and is even facing a blacklisting by the US FAA. Even Indians going abroad do not prefer Air India. Instead of making India proud and making a great impression on a first time foreign visitor to India we project an image of total disregard and indifference to them. Instead of creating employment through tourism we are spreading negative feelings and ensuring that foreign airlines take away our business leading to a huge foreign exchange loss, weakening the rupee and ensuring we are labelled an incompetent country from the moment they step on board an Air India flight.



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