Make a Worthy Sequel to Rayman 2 (1999)

Joe Butler
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Dear Michael Ancel, As a fan of the Rayman series, I am very excited that the series is still alive and producing new, fun games. Rayman Jungle/Fiesta Run, as well as the 'Rayman Origins' and 'Rayman Legends' games have all been fun 2D scrollers, much like the original Rayman. What brought me into the Rayman series, however, was the magical game that was Rayman 2. With a surprisingly deep story, awesome action and colorful graphics throughout, this game has gone down as a classic for many gamers. And while Rayman 3 was a fun, if zany, game, it didn't quite feel like the sequel we were looking for from the Rayman series. So, my request for you is to consider creating a spiritual successor to Rayman 2, be it Rayman 4 or something else. Rayman 2 was an amazing game, and we'd love to see a true follow-up effort to that game.





  • 4 years ago
    Joe Butler United States
    4 years ago