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Make 80's Ellis Grey Prequel Happen!

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The creators and showrunners of Grey's Anatomy, along with ABC network, have been pondering on what could be the next phase in the fictional world of Grey's Anatomy once the original show reaches its conclusion.

I believe rather than taking the expected route of starting another sequel or spin-off with one or two of the show's big names, or presenting another new generation of doctors in the future- the world would benefit from a prequel, set in the 80's, starring Sarah Paulson as young intern Ellis Grey.

The history and lore of the show already has more than enough background to develop a full, epic and poignant story: the unfiltered, objective and tragic tale of Ellis, Richard, Thatcher, Adele and how young Meredith Grey suffered in the midst of it all.

Loyal fans of the show have been wondering so many questions regarding the legendary characters of the previous generation in Seattle Grace: What was the true nature of Ellis and Richard's forbidden interracial affair? Was Ellis a bad mother? Did Thatcher try and look after Meredith or did he really abandon her? Did Ellis really drive Richard into alcoholism? Why did Adele stay with Richard? How did Thatcher meet Susan, and why didn't she want Meredith in their lives? What was the true nature of Ellis and Mary Therone's friendship, and did Ellis really betray her? How much was everyone involved in Harper Avery's sexual harrassment? What drove Ellis to commit attempted suicide in front of young Meredith, while secretly pregnant with Maggie? And when did Ellis get Alzheimer's, and why she kept it secret?

This show could answer all of these questions and much more. If the setting is the 80's, we will also be introduced to a much more mysogynistic, racist, homophobic and toxic environment for our characters, and be presented with many big events of the era, including the infamous AIDS disease and how society and the medical world reacted to it.

Sarah Paulson is an amazing actress with a stellar repertoir, already encompassing outstanding projects like American Horror Story, Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip, 12 Years a Slave and so much more. More importantly, Paulson already brilliantly caught the nuanced, poignant essense and spirit of Ellis Grey in a flashback episode. I can think of no better actress to take the lead role and sail the ship of the cast.

The story could be told through Ellen Pompeo, Kelly McCreary and James Pickens Jr.'s present-day characters of Meredith, Maggie and Richard, going through Ellis' old journals. It could also include many scenes from Grey's, and the famous and brilliant performances of Kate Burton as old Ellis Grey.

Shonda, Krista, Sarah, ABC, Pompeo and anybody who might be reading this: please consider this possibility! It could bring so much resolution, closure and exciting new sides to the story we all know and love, an answer questions almost 20 years in the making.

Eden Raphael Antopolsky
A 29 years old Israeli citizen

An addicted longtime fan of Grey's, watched it with my entire family, lost all my grandparents and both my parents in the last decade- and the show helped me see how people can get over, deal with and even thrive after traumatic loss.


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