Sponsor the MACPAC2012 to Attend the Rally To Restore Sanity/March To Keep Fear Alive on October 30th In Washington, D.C.

Eileen MacEnery
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TO: JON STEWART, STEVEN COLBERT, ARIANA HUFFINGTON, OPRAH WINFREY, and all the other powerful and wealthy fat cats who have the money to correct this injustice: WE THE UNDERSIGNED hereby Petition all of the above-named individuals, and their rich and powerful friends, to fund the MACPAC2012, headquartered in California, and its members, for a trip to Washington, DC on October 30th to attend both the "RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY/MARCH TO KEEP FEAR ALIVE" sponsored by the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. As you are well aware, Ariana Huffington announced that she would be chartering busses at her expense, for anyone wanting to attend the rally. Unfortunately, Ms. Huffington, who is from California, totally ignored those of her loyal followers and Huffington Post members who live in California, and have the time and desire to attend (probably because we are unemployed) but do not have a credit card or trust fund to pay for transportation to the East Coast and lodging if needed. This is not fair! Then WE THE UNDERSIGNED were informed that Oprah Winfrey treated members of Jon Stewart's audience to a free trip to the Rally/March. Again, Ms.Winfrey and Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert also have many loyal followers and viewers in California, and other places, who are geographically disabled, and are not able to go to their shows and have a chance to reach under their seat and be blessed by her great munificence. Again, this is not fair! Thus, WE THE UNDERSIGNED, hereby petition the above-named, and anyone else who is so-inclined, to correct this gross injustice and fund those in our newly-formed group to transportation and lodging so that we can represent the middle class Americans whose desire to be present at this important and historic gathering! Although WE THE UNDERSIGNED would like the members of our group to fly first class on a non-stop flight, and be accommodated in a five-star hotel after being met by a chauffeur-driven limo at the airport, we will be happy to ride a smelly school-bus for three days each way and stay in bedbug ridden motels, or even "couch-surf", so that as many people as want to attend can have the opportunity to be there and represent the middle class of California. WE THE UNDERSIGNED believe that, not only is this request reasonable, but that justice and fairness require it since, for over 50 years, the residents of California have unselfishly and without regard to race, color, sex, creed or national origin, created and contributed to more insanity and fear than all the other forty-nine states combined! WE THE UNDERSIGNED also request that, once you have arranged for a group of us from Southern California to attend, you will also consider sponsoring groups to represent other parts of the country, hopefully from each of the fifty states, to represent the middle class Americans who also can not afford to get their without help.





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