Unjust custody trials in certain counties for mothers?

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You have a right to a fair trial. For all evidence to be heard for both parties. Custody trials are difficult enough to go through without having to endure the emotional distress of false accusations, unheard evidence,presenting witnesses, crutial evidence, and overall not having the right to your right to a fair trial. When one sided evidence is only taken into consideration it is not only the parental figure that is devistated and heartbroken but the decisions based on the sole provided evidence is detrimental to the childrens lives. I, myself am a mother who was courageous enough to remove myself and my children from a very emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive home for years. I raised my children alone and did my very best. They were fed, bathed, housed and treated with love, caring, kindness, and taught to respect. It took one trial to turn my perfect life upside down. I had evidence, witnesses,hired investigators, children that begged to be heard as well as many supports, no chance for explanations. Alot of looks and accusations. None of which were accepted. Where were my right? How was this considered a fair trial? The opposing party, the childrens father, had witnesses on the stand, presented documentation, alot of assumptions, interrigation, nontruth, and was instantly assumed to be the truth. If there is anyone experiencing or has experiences this within recent time and you would like to sign this petition, please come forward because without individuals speaking out, more woman against this discrimination, and conflict of interest, nothing can be done to change this situation. We have to help one another. There is hope and there is justice out there. We are not alone.




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