Lulzim Basha, Mayor of Tirana, Stop the mass killing of stray dogs in Tirana

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In the past months, hundreds of stray dogs are being killed by the Municipality of Tirana.

Please, ask Lulzim Basha, the Mayor of Tirana to stop the mass killing of stray dogs in Tirana and invest that money to undertake effective spaying and neutering campaigns, which are proven to solve the issue in the long term. It is a shame that our city is part of the black list of cities that kill poor animals with no protection just because the Mayor can't find the will to coordinate a few resources to solve this issue. Tirana should be the model to follow in this issue, and we have the opportunity to urge them to act. The Mayor should know that killing is not an option. It is illegal and inhumane.
Tell him to stop it immediately, and work with rescue groups to implement the long term and sustainable solution.
His email address is and



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