The Petition Towards Neopets Multi Account Use

Lucreisha Noelle
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TNT has gone mad. I don\'t care what they have to say, together we can build up a petition to have them totally lighten up on the use of multi accounts. We can\'t just sit around and let these disgraceful and ignorant rules stop us from our beloved goals, and take over our lives on Neopets. We can\'t have these rules completely ruin our hopes of reaching our dreams, and saving those poor orphans. This is gonna take MANY sign ups, I was told atleast 100,000 signups, and if its true let it be. They seriously need to stop the foolish tasks they\'re doing, and pay attention to the outraged citizens of Neopia. What I mean by lighten up, is atleast allow us to play games on multi accounts, visit the main shops, restock, and atleast allow us to use the dailies that give out food [only jelly and the free omelette]. What I don\'t mean, is using multi accounts to play the dailies that give out prizes, such as Tombola and Shrine, Transferring anything to your main account (you can play games to earn all the beloved items you\'ve dreamed on, so no need for this.).


The person sponcering this petition is Lucreisha Noelle. A person, whom too, wished to change the rules.