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Petition to allow St. Ignatius of Loyola students to bring backpacks into classrooms

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As high school students we have many responsibilities. Homework, friendships, relationships, work, etc. But should we really have to worry about not having a bag in our classrooms? No. We shouldn't. Our books are heavy, awkward to carry, and slippery. Add to that a laptop, and binders and you're day just got that much harder. Carrying all those things in your hand is almost impossible. Honestly. And it's dangerous, walking up and down stairs, across heavily-filled hallways. Lets just say there will be people falling/tripping. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention that we don't have enough time to stop by our lockers. Its the second day since this rule started, and I've already been late to class twice. And I have no idea if my teachers marked me late or not.

I talked to my VP today. He told me the rule was put in place because of safety, and theft reasons. He told me about some accidents that happened in the past few years. But accident happen. It's just a part of life. He also informed me about fire incidents. About how students will panic, and start tripping over bags left in classrooms. Well I have a great solution for that. How about we put the bags under our desks, or in a corner, or having it hang from our seats. And regarding theft? well, some students have had their smartphones stolen. Sucks. Be smarter about your own belongings. And theft also happens with school equipment, like books. As far as I'm concerned, all classes have a cabinet, or a closet where they can store their supplies. But do teachers use them? Nope.

So I have decided to present our views. I have been handing out this petition around my classes, a few during lunch. So far I've gotten 100 signatures from schoolmates. I asked my teachers if they'd like to sign it, and they said they can't because they'll get in trouble. And now I'm reaching even farther. I'm making this on-line for parents, students, and citizens. This will make things much easier to get the signatures we need. No one knows if this will even work, but as humans, we can always believe, dream, and hope.

Thank you
Sincerely, Krystian Tobiasz


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