Lower Public High School's Senior Dues

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Raising a family is costly enough. Why should families have to pay enormous senior dues for their childs High School graduation. Upcoming graduations are supposed to be joyous occasions, but unfortunately many parents find themselves wondering will their child be able to attend their ceromony comfortably. 

My sons senior dues are $450 and included in this fee is his cap and gown, framed diploma, senior trip, yearbook, prom, and day after prom brunch. Now this is great, however with the cap and gown being included in the package, a parent who cannot afford the dues are not afforded their childs cap and gown. This should never be the case. 

I called the New Yor City Board Of Education to inquire about possible options and was told that the package came as a whole, and nothing could be purchased separately. 

I am disturbed by this issue and even though I am not facing any financial hardships,  I feel it is imperative to address this issue for those families that are. One may say,  well parents have all year to prepare for their childs graduation. well an unfortunate fact is that there are families having trouble keeping food on the table, utilities connected, and rent/mortgage payments to date.

 I am willing to at least try and get this issue addressed. I ask that you please help in supporting this problem by signing this petition. Thank you.


Cheray S.B.





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