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This world needs to change the culture of war and violence into culture of peace and nonviolence, to put the values of Love, goodness and solidarity before the competition, egoism and alienation. Violence, wars, crime, nuclear bombs, terorism, destruction of the nature, money race... It has been shown through the history, and especially in the last hundred years, that certain knowledge and human actions can be destructive and can jeopardize survival of human race, unless they are controlled with moral values. These values derive from spirituality and common sense and should represent the axis around which all the personal and social life should be organized. The real values should permete the Constitution, as the highest law and cultural act of the state, with great importance for the creation and rising the consciousness of people. It is one of the first necessarry steps in order to support applying of the moral principles in society. Preambule of the Constitution is the introductory part of the Constitution, which tends to shortly resume some of the most important and most significant values, that should influence the whole law and political organizaton of the society. In such way the seed would be laid which could develop into better society in every way – moral, spiritual and material. I propose the following text in preamble of the Constitution: PROPOSITION FOR THE TEXT OF PREAMBLE OF THE CONSTITUTION OF EVERY COUNTRY AND CHARTER OF UN: LOVE IN THOUGHTS, DEEDS AND WORDS towards all the people, nature and Universe, which we are surrounded with, is - in accordance with the human knowledge and wisdom so far - the highest MEANING OF LIFE. That’s also the supreme law of the nature and society, which, if it is respected, brings the greatest benefit to the society and each individual. The feeling of unconditional love towards all that we live with is the highest level of the reality and life that we can reach. Nonviolent communication, conflict resolution and helping others to find happiness and discover the purpose of love and apply it into everyday life – is the basic imperative for every human being and society. In accordance with this people should organize their life, and goal of the society is to support Love and play, awareness about the unity of all people, nature and Universe, to eliminate violence and to secure the reproduction of those positive values through the spiritual education and organization of all other institutions of the system. The task of the society is discovering of the natural and cosmic laws and achieving the highest possible harmony among the people and surrounding through the fulfilling the basic needs of the human beings, which are: 1. need for reaching the source spirit (divine energy, God) and unity - for overcoming material, spacial and time, for reaching immortality, eternity and peaceful and enlightened mind 2. need for Love 3. need for energy (food), security (discovering physical and spiritual laws in order to improve the living condition, to control the nature, protect from the weather conditions, animals, unfriendly people) and reproduction of the species 4. need for play (whatever play of our physical, mind and spiritual senses: intimacy, sport, music, art, science etc.) Spirituality, moral and science are three complementary aspects and if they are in harmony they contribute to the human well being.





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