Loudoun Water Not Giving Proper Notification on Water Rates

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We, the people of Potomac Green, and Loudoun County, take issue with the way Loudoun Water has not given proper notification to residents in regards to their rates in general (especially new homeowners) and the increase in rates that took place in April 2010.

Not receiving the rate and/or rate increase information has resulted in grossly inflated water usage bills for residents at Potomac Greens and other parts of Loudoun County.

We are gathering signatures of anyone who was affected by the change in water rates and/or residents who never received any information on what the cost of their water usage would be in general.

We are seeking a large (one-time) credit for homeowners/residents amounting to at least 75% off their current bill (received in Sept 10') and the same reduction in the next bill (through the month of September only)

After that we are willing to pay the new rates as the residents will all have been informed and up to date. However we do request Loudoun Water work with all builders to make sure that proper notification of current or future water rates are given to all new homeowners.

This is a basic right that everyone deserves but especially senior citizens and anyone who is unemployed at the moment. Some of the bills received are equal to 20 times or more of what a normal water bill should be!

For example one of the bills received was for over $1300 for one quarter!

Some of these large bills are due to the fact that residents had their sprinklers on for extended periods of time.  However most new homeowners had never received any rate information or potential costs from Loudoun Water so there was no way to know what the end costs might be.

Please join our petition so we can tell Loudoun Water/Pulte that we are only asking to know the rate/price of their utility before we get charged for it, so we can adjust our usage accordingly.

Thank You for your help in seeking some type of remediation with Loudoun Water on what we consider unfair practices.

Homeowners at Potomac Green - Ashburn





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