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     It was recently brought to my attention that the Cefco Food Store located in Lott Tx, to which I am now employeed with, has had a huge opportunity to grow and prosper. Because not only does the Fikes Corporation own this store, they also supposedly own almost the whole block on which it is located. Which is quite exspansive in size. Yet, since their purchase of this property there has been nothing done with it. Despite the great location. Well I ask, what happened? Does the Fikes Corporation intend to still expand your shopping enjoyment and our (the employees) work fulfillment. A place where their employees are happy productive workers and the customers are excited about dropping by to see what we might have to offer them that was not there the day before. As the times have changed so should this store it is in no way really comparable to the other Cefcos size and mechandise availability and variety.                                          So I am looking for the input from our valued customers in order to show how important or not, this growth is to everyone envolved. From all of you our loyal customers and those just passing through, including those of you whom work there, or would like to in the furture. Because with community support this advancement could provide more jobs, prosperity and economic growth in Lott and/or the nearby area. I am unaware of the exact reasons to why it has not taken place yet, (too much hearsay). So I will just ask of everyone to take the time to give your oppinion on this proposal of a new bigger store. Is it what you think to be a good and welcome or unnecessary and unwanted. Tell me how you feel about this topic I would love your feedback.  


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