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Lori Hickey Needs to be in Administration

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This is a petition concerning Lori W. Hickey. She is, until July 30, 2010, the Assistant Principal at Leesville Road Middle School where she has been employed for the past four years. She has been employed by Wake County School System for the past 12 years where she has shown exemplary work. As of August, 2010, she will be “transferred” to a 5th grade teacher position at another school within Wake County. 

Lori Hickey is a person with high moral integrity. She is honest, loyal, caring, loving and dedicated to her family, her job, and the teachers and students in her charge. She is also a Christian and holds herself to very high standards and values. We want to let you know that this petition is of the community's choice, because we feel that Lori Hickey was treated unfairly.  

In our opinion, she has recently been wrongly disciplined by an individual in Human Resources. Lori was given the options of resigning as Assistant Principal and “transferring” into a teaching position or being demoted. She has been punished for what we would call petty mistakes; ones that we are sure everyone makes at some point in their careers. In our opinion, the mistakes Lori Hickey made do not justify being demoted from AP to a 5th grade teacher. This individual in Human Resources has gone as far as to use a document from 2007 that was not even in her personnel file to make a case against her. This “document” was in response to a complaint made by a parent who parked in the bus loop during morning arrival and became offended when Lori asked her if she could relocate to a safe parking spot. Lori was attempting to keep the parent, her child, and a busload of students safe. The parent, angered at being inconvenienced, chose to take issue and contact your HR department to complain. At the time of this particular incident, and once the investigation was completed by human resources, Lori was told that this complaint would not be placed in her personnel folder, as no disciplinary action or reprimand was warranted. How then, was it used by this individual in Human Resources as such? 

There were two other “incidents” that were brought up during this individual’s interrogation of Lori. Unfortunately, because they are in her personnel file they cannot be addressed in this petition. But we feel and know that they were petty in nature, at best. When we think of someone in her position being demoted, we think of offenses such as embezzling money, having a sexual relationship with a child or coworker, racism, or accused of harassment, physical aggression, or coercion. Lori did nothing of the sort. She doesn’t have a history of losing her temper, treating others with disrespect, or not performing her job duties. In fact, she has always had the children’s best interest in mind. Lori lost her job as Assistant Principal as a result of one person’s opinion that she “used poor judgment.” 

How can one individual be given the authority to be judge, jury, and executioner? Why aren’t more people involved in the decision-making process to ensure information and facts are reviewed without prejudice, with sound judgment, and without showing what appears to be some type of vengeance against Lori. 

Lori Hickey loved her position as Assistant Principal for Leesville Road Middle School. She felt that these petty “incidents” were not warranted for her to lose her position. She wanted to fight for her job. She planned to bring it to the attention of the Wake County Board, but was informed by her NCAE Representative that if she fights this that there is a good chance that this wouldn’t even get to the Board, and that the Board would most likely deny hearing her appeal. As it stands, our concern that this individual within the Human Resource Department will continue their prejudice against Lori, which would prevent her from obtaining another Administrative position in Wake County. 

We feel strongly that Lori Hickey has been treated unfairly and without just cause. Her career in administration has been taken away from her after years of study and hard work. The dedication to her job, students and faculty is beyond reproach. She was, and still is a great Assistant Principal and one day will make a great Principal. Her career as an administrator should not be over, especially based on one individual's opinion. We feel that it is our right as a parent, Wake County voter, and/or a concerned citizen to know what is happening in your school system. It is also our right to have our voice heard regarding this case, and any future cases that may be decided by your Wake County Human Resource Department. 

This petition is signed by individuals who want the Wake County board to hear her case, look at the facts, and to place Lori Hickey back into her administrative position.


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