Downhill Skateboarding should be Encouraged - Township of Langley

Kevin Choi
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More and more locals seem to have a problem with having longboarders and skateboarders riding their boards on the roads in front of their houses- often times the police are called and we are told to leave. It is about time that this unjustified issue is brought up to a higher level: hopefully the Town Hall at some point. Downhill Skateboarding and Longboarding should not only be allowed, but also encouraged. It is an activity that more and more children and teenagers every day are taking interest in and having fun doing. It encourages many of us to go outside and enjoy the weather while we can instead of staying inside all day. Longboarding is not only safe but very well monitored. There are systems to spot cars and warn others about traffic. Traffic is very rarely an issue for longboarders. As for our personal safety, all of us ensure that full protective gear is worn for our own good. It is very rare to see a longboarder seriously hurt themselves with the amount of protective gear they wear; it is more common to see those who are on bikes and in cars to be in accident than a simple skateboard. Residents of the roads that we decide to longboard on should not own the right to ban us from their hills; there has been no proof of a bylaw restricting us; if there is a certain bylaw restricting us, this is a bylaw that should be altered/removed. Thank you for your time and thank you for signing this petition.




  • 4 years ago
    Kevin Choi Canada
    4 years ago