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Parents on a Student Visa in the state of New South Wales in Australia do not get any financial subsidy or concession privileges whether they are working or not. This group of people form a subroup of international or overseas students who study full-time and pay education fees in full. As student visa holders, this group already spends a lot on education fees and living expenses and are not entitled to any form of concession privilege.


     A high percentage of them have had to leave their children overseas because of the financial burden. This separation and the added stress of adjusting to life overseas makes them feel lonely and depressed. Feelings of guilt, uselessness as a parent and tension are a few issues these parents go through.


     We petition the New South Wales Government of Australia to give Special Privileges to Parents on a Student Visa such as concession if they are not working and education and healthcare subsidy for their children if they decide to bring them in Australia.






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