Keep Leashing A Viable Tactic In LoL

Joshua Chouiniere
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After reading the changes that Riot is planning on making to the jungling aspect of the game, I had one problem. And that was with the fact that an aspect they're changing is going to ruin a necessary tactic of the game referred to as leashing (please check out the following web address to read in more detail the changes mentioned: I was on the forum post all day on November 9, 2012 and found that more than just myself felt this way. The few people who seemed to disagree were heavily outweighed by those who were ok with this change. So I am taking it upon myself to rally the LoL players who agree and let's show Riot Games that they need to not change leashing. Please sign this and send the link to others so we can save this vital part of the game!




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    Joshua Chouiniere United States
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