League of Legends Bans System

Turcu Emanuel
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The trolls, leavers and toxic player in League of Legends keep growing and ruin our games, but Riot Games bans them only for a week or two and after that they come back to play and ruin games again. The biggest problem in this games are the trolls that ruin every game and drive u mad in all the ranked matches that they play. Riot Games should punish the trolls that intentionally ruin the game with a permanent ban so they can never play League of Legends again, but they dont want to permaban the trolls they will lose money and playerbase and in this way they keep the trolls in the game. I ask you a single question : What do you prefer a community full of trolls or a smaller community with non-toxic player? Just think at that. IF YOU WANT TROLLS , LEAVERS AND TOXIC PLAYERS PERMABANNED FROM LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AFTER THE FIRST WARNING BAN, I THINK THIS WILL HELP US AND THE GAME WILL BE MORE PLEASANT PLEASE VOTE IF YOU AGREE WITH ME.



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