Petition the Government of Montgomery County to Detain Alexandria Marie Ford for Life

Gia Ten
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Alexandria Marie Ford, or Alex Ford, has hurt many people physically, mentally, and emotionally. She has been in prison nine times for assault - but continues to beat and defame people every chance she gets. She has been admitted to inpatient mental care over four times, but it has done nothing. It would seem as though her home of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania has given up on putting her where she belongs, away from people. By signing this petition, you are asking Montgomery County to either put her on trial for being a danger to society or 302 her permanently. If you have been hurt by her and it is an emergency, please dial 911. If you have been hurt by her and need psychological help, please dial 1-850-778-3296 where people are standing by for you. Please, allow us to get this psychopath who has shown no remorse for her defamation, assault, and pathological lying off the streets for good. Sign the petition today and help make the world that much safer.


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