Locking Point Chevalier Primary School

Catherine Edwards
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During the development of the proposal I have spoken with residents in the local areas across diverse backgrounds and geographies, there is a common theme amongst them all and this has been the driving force to create this iPetition.

I understand that this process may be time consuming for some but I am keen that every resident is given the opportunity to provide their thoughts on the proposal. Our community is one of the most safest and friendliest in Auckland and it is important that our residents feel this when Point Chevalier School is closed for teaching and learning.

Throughout the consultation phase I encourage you to ask questions, talk about the proposal with your neighbors and friends, and most importantly make sure that you provide fsignatures. Significant effort has gone into developing the proposal but there is still the potential for things to have been missed. It is important that we get this stage of the transformation right - your feedback/signature is critical in this aspect.

To simplify the processes and issues as I see them in the current state I have drawn up some tables with actions against descriptions/dates and statuses, which will be updated as we move through this process.

I do not underestimate the challenges we will all face in meeting the different needs of the community but by focusing on the required outcomes I know we can reach a democratic outcome.

So keep an eye on the webpage to see how your voice is being heard!





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