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I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE 12 AM LOCKOUT / 2AM LOCK DOWN. BY SIGNING THIS PETITION, I AGREE THAT IF THE LOCKDOWN HAPPENS, I WILL VOTE AGAINST LABOR IN THE NEXT ELECTION. (Please do not use profanities in this petition, clean comments please) THE QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT IS LOOKING AT CLOSING ALL LICENSED VENUES AT 2AM. WE AS PATRONS NEED TO STEP UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. WHAT WE WANT We want the lockout to be canceled. We want to sit down with the government, police and licensees as representatives of the public, and come up with real solutions rather than just another Band-aid Bligh policy. WHAT THE LOCKOUT IS The lockout is a declaration (act of martial law used during war times) that says that nobody may enter a licensed premises after a certain time even if you have already been inside that venue. Currently Queensland has a 3am lockout and a 5am shutdown, which was introduced in 2006. The government and police are looking on bringing further restrictions where the lockout will be brought back to 12am and all venues are to shut at 2am. FACTS Despite what some of the lesser forms of media would tell you crime and violence in Queensland.. Cabs and public transport will become impossible to obtain, and many smaller bars will be put into bankruptcy if further restrictions on licenses are to go ahead. In November 2005 London extended its drinking hours and lifted its lockout to battle the number of assaults and drunken behaviour; it worked and continues to be extended further. The London tests have found that binge drinking decreased overall because patrons could spread out their drinking over a longer period of time. There is no proof that a lockout will decrease violence or decrease drinking, only evidence to the contrary as more people spill out onto the street. Issues: FINANCIAL RAMIFICATIONS Bartenders, security, venue owners/operators will all lose revenue as working hours decrease and there is less money to go around in a recessive saturated industry. In unsure economic times like today, is it fair to cripple an industry that so many working families and students rely on for their income Responsible service of alcohol requirements Clubs are already highly regulated and scrutinised. Legally they cannot serve intoxicated persons and must ensure all the patrons safety and protect them from harm. With the lock down people will be more inclined to drink in the street or outside closed off venues. CIVIL LIBERTIES Infringement on peoples rights to visit the venues of their choice, at their times of choice. The fact that these places can operate at a profit proves that there is a market for people who like to listen to rare, unique music at all hours of the night. Queensland is a 24-hour state and not all people work 9-5. Shift workers, hospitality workers and general night owl’s are being discriminated against. Workers’ rights: the government has failed to take into account the ramifications this will have on hospitality workers. Most of these people work hard all night so Queenslanders can socialise after a hard weeks work. Are they themselves not entitled to socialise with their co-workers and friends after they finish scrubbing our dishes, cleaning our glasses, serving us drinks and taking our orders SAFETY Increased street traffic is a major outcome of these new laws. In the Gold Coast when these laws were introduced people naturally spilled out of the nightclubs and onto the street causing police to be overrun with violence and disorderly behaviour. People not able to get home – not enough cabs (not to mention associated issues with cab drivers being unwilling to take intoxicated passengers) will result in more people on the streets not able to find a way home People unable to exit a venue to get fresh air or food. Police will be unable to handle increase in street traffic/assaults – as their resources are already stretched.


WHO WE ARE is a pressure group formed by the public in protest against the harmful 12am lockout/2am shutdown policy. We are calling on public and media scrutiny of the proposed policy demanding a viable solution where we can all work together to make Queensland a better place for all WHAT WE ARE DOING We are pressuring the government into backing down over the curfew.

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