Local Boys and Girls Club 10U Team being disqualified by Prince Georges County Boys and Girls Club

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Prince Georges County Boys and Girls Club (PGCBGC) just told Oxon Hill Boys and Girls Club Football 10U #1 that they were being kick out of the county playoffs after winning 7 out of 8 games because their assistant coach is deemed ineligible. These boys have played their heart out this season and they deserve to be in the playoffs. The reason that was given for them being disqualified is that the ...assistant coach who is a 15 year teacher in the Prince Georges School system and an 8 year volunteer coach for Oxon Hill Boys Club was deemed ineligible due to a change in the PGCBGC system. Our parents, our community and an our organization stand behind this assistant coach (who is willing to step away for the kids) and this team and we feel that not only should the children be allowed to play but there coach should be allowed on the field with them. Please note that the coach was not given any notification of his ineligibility nor has the PGCBGC site been updated with any recent rules stating the new requirements, and when we questioned this fact we were told that they were to busy to update the information. Also, PGCBGC is stating it is because the assistant coach received a misdemeanor charge in 1993 when he was in college in Missouri that he is not ineligible to coach in 2012, but he’s allowed to teach in the County system for 15 years and volunteer as a coach in the system for the last 8 years and now because of a change they want to get rid of a great coach. One other thing that you should be aware of is that at the last PGCBGC County board meeting we raised a question of older charges and we were told that a committee had been formed to address all concerns under the new system but they had not met yet, so how can they make a decision that would hurt these boys so much when they haven’t even established clear procedures for their new system.

We are asking that you stand up for what's right, and let your voice be heard by sending emails and/or phone calls to Executive Director, Calvin Massie 301-446-6800 Calvin.Massie@pgparks.com and say LET OUR CHILDREN PLAY!!!

Here are some other contacts:
Coounty Coucil-Obie Patterson: councildistrict8@co.pg.md.us
Fox 5 news: webmaster@wttg.com
WUSA 9 News: wusa-assignmentdesk@wusa9.com
NBC 4 News: tips@nbcwashington.com





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