Healthy and cheaper livestock

Bridgett Burkholder
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I think that we could be using the areas to hoard cattle is huge areas and buildings for farmland. With this space money is saved with grass fed cows in the summer and spring and grain in the winter (verses grain all year long) Small grazing (2 cows at a time) and yard fertalizing organaization or business could be built off this also. there would not be a lack of jobs. This will also bring intrest into meat sales. People can pick what cow they would like to eat, becoming more involved in their health and food supply also community. The funds save through grass feeding could go twoards aggriculture research, herb crossbreeding or organic oils for cleaning versus chemical spraying. Oils could be used in mass production to ward off insects verses chemicals. This will lead to cleaner oceans, lakes, rivers, and live style. This will also have a cheaper outcome for our country (mentol oils work the best.) The money could also go twoards saving wild life in other countries, ending world starvation and overpopulation.

Pully systems to till crops are a more efficiant and extreemly cheaper way to save time and energy. With this system no tractors will be needed; pullies lessen the weight of an object less and less the more pullies you use. If a pully was used at each end of the feild over and over again through out the whole lenght of the feild the tilling could be finished by one person in less than a week. There would be no fuel or oil costs. Just one strong happy farmer with alot more cash.




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