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Little Grandmother Must Make Amends

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Petition to Redress Wrongs Committed by Kiesha Crowther against the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island

Kiesha Crowther AKA Little Grandmother has greatly offended the indigenous nations of this continent, who value our spirituality as the core of our existence. You have twisted and perverted the spiritual beliefs and practices that enable us to cope with colonization, oppression and the  post -traumatic  stress of surviving centuries of cultural and spiritual genocide.

WHEREAS: You have displayed outrageous arrogance by making yourself a god in an oppressed people’s religion.

WHEREAS: Your entire identity is based on lies, deception and misrepresentation.

Whereas: You have demonized Native Americans who object to your sacrilege of their spiritual beliefs by calling them toxic, dark and cold and you have attacked them using the tactics that lack integrity.

Whereas: You have repeatedly misrepresented facts about indigenous prophesies and spiritual practices either intentionally or negligently promoting falsehoods about the true nature of our prophesies.

Whereas: You have intentionally misrepresented essential facts about who you really are.

Whereas: You have refused to accept constructive criticism from indigenous leaders and activists, you have refused to meet with them to discuss their grievances and have demonized them and suppressed their free speech rights.

Whereas: You have interfered with indigenous people’s inherent right to practice and preserve their spiritual practices for the sole purpose of marketing them for profit.

Whereas: You have violated the human rights of your followers by manipulating them into neutralizing all sources of criticism in order to keep them dependent on you.

We, the true indigenous peoples of Turtle Island are making the following demands:

Keisha Crowther must:

Stop wearing a medicine bag around her neck.

Stop wearing men’s buckskin.

Stop claiming to have any knowledge about ancient indigenous beliefs.

Stop claiming to represent any indigenous people in any way, shape or form.

Stop using native styled drums in her self-styled ceremonies.

Stop using white courts to harass, threaten and censor Native American activists and our allies.

Appear in TRIBAL COURT to account for your crimes against Native People.

Stop conducting  self-styled sweat lodges, vision quests and pipe ceremonies.

Stop claiming the there are any Native prophesies about a fair haired girl coming to lead indigenous people.

Stop any association with yourself and White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Publically apologize for lying and manipulating your followers at all workshops and retreats and return all of their money if requested to do so.

Locate and take down all videos where you appear in buckskin, with Native styled drums or shields or conducting pipe or medicine wheel ceremonies.

Make a video sincerely apologizing for the wrong you have done Native people and post is on YouTube for all to see.

Dissolve the tribe of many colors and provide a licensed, qualified cult exit counselor for any of its members that are still trying to “live from the heart” NO COST to them.

Kiesha Crowther will not be right with the indigenous people of Turtle Island until she makes amends for her offenses and accepts responsibility for her deceptions. Only if you start being honest with yourself, your followers and the indigenous people of this land will you begin to heal the damage that you done.








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