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Linden Lab: Punish Criminals, Not Victims

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Due to company detachment from its customer base and a failing abuse reporting system Second Life has become a product where its clients are repeatedly victimized while thieves thrive.

Because Linden Lab is enforcing its policy in such a way that the act of reporting a crime puts an honest victim at immediate risk of punishment while the perpetrator of the crime is often using a disposable alt on illegal software while IP jumping, the product, Second Life, is becoming a haven for those who prefer crime over imagination. After high profile cases showing Linden Lab refusing to reimburse a customer for loss of funds due to the company's failure to address this new crime wave, or their jump to permanently ban a very prominent designer from his intellectual property, many victims are refusing to share their own stories, allowing the criminals more freedom to victimize Linden Lab customers while growing even more confident that they will never be punished for their crimes.

When customers of Linden Lab are harmed by another's violation of the corporation's TOS, the company's customer service is unacceptable, telling those who support Linden Lab to file an ineffective abuse report. If a customer reports a crime via an abuse report, they risk being treated like a criminal themselves or being banned from their own intellectual property without any explanation. The company refuses to reimburse customers for funds lost due to the fact that the corporation is negligent when it comes to enforcing its own terms of service.

Linden Lab, it is time to fix what is broken. Please do what it takes to prevent copybot viewers from accessing the grid. Take the time to get rid of malicious viewers, offer your customers protection from extortions from virtual criminals who demand money or else, and please revise your policies so that these people are permanently banned instead of the very frustrating 4 day ban which does not help. 

We have clear proof of harassment and extortion done from an individual toward other players and we have reliable information that countless Abuse Reports have been filed against that individual. Why isn't Linden Lab doing the right thing?  That person needs to be perma-banned. Enforce your Terms of Service and make the Abuse Report system work. 

We love our Second Life and need to feel safe in it.

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