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\"Lights of Compassion\" - Fans of Friday Night Lights United

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Has your favorite tv show ever been cancelled Do you ever feel like the networks don\'t really care what you think Do you ever wonder who the Nielsen families are or what they are thinking In the Nielsen rating system approximately 5,000 people speak for 110 million tv viewers. The goal of this petition is to let NBC, the network responsible for bringing us the new show \"Friday Night Lights\", know that we count too! We may not be a Nielsen family but we should have a vote and they should not count our support for the show out. With only 5,000 families deciding the ratings for about 110 million viewers we can break down the ratings like this: 7.2 million viewers = 327 real Nielsen people (what \"Friday Night Lights\" got for its 1st outing) 13 million viewers = 590 real Nielsen people (what a show like \"Heroes\" got, which is considered a hit) 23 million viewers = 1,045 real Nielsen viewers (what the top shows like \"CSI\" & \"Grey\'s Anatomy\" get) 7.2 million viewers is considered low for a network like NBC. 13 million is a good rating and 23 million is a hit show. Our goal is to show NBC that we can get 1,045 real \"Friday Night Lights\" fans to put their support of the show into action. Each of those 327 Nielsen people that watched the show matter because someone put a box on their tv and they sit on the couch each night deciding the fate of the rest of us in terms of what we get to watch next season on tv. We think that action speaks louder than words and if someone has enough passion to actually complete an act, that is probably worth more than being a couch potato. So we\'ve come up with the idea to show that there are some passionate fans, who will demonstrate that commitment by acting. In the process we hope to do some good by helping a great charity. To show this passion, we would like to get at least 1,045 fans to donate $1 each to the United Cerebral Palsy foundation. We will call this campaign \"Light of Compassion - Fans of Friday Night Lights United.\" The reason we chose UCP to benefit from this is the character on FNL Jason Street, who is paralyzed. But that is just TV. There are many, many people who face real disabilities, whether through birth issues or by accidents, and UCP helps such people. As we watch Jason go through his trials, wouldn\'t it be great if we could make a difference in the real world Let us know if you have donated your $1 to prove to NBC that we want to be counted and are willing to put our support into action! It\'s important that you carry through with donating at least $1 to UCP and not just sign this. It\'s very easy to sign your name here, but if you have to mail $1 or go to a PayPal link, that is something extra. This act is every bit as valuable as being lucky enough to have a box sitting on your tv, or should count as least as much, if not more. Here\'s how you can donate: Send a check, or send $1 bill to: United Cerebral Palsy 1660 L Street, NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036 Dontate using a credit card on the phone at 1-800-872-5827 Donate online at When donating online you can choose \"other amount\" then enter $1.00 in the box below that. Further down please choose \"In honor of\" then fill out as follows. Name: Lights Of Compassion-Fans of FNL Names to notify (must enter two) 1: Lights Of Compassion 2: WME Address: 3578-E Hartsel Dr, #245 City: Colorado Springs State: CO Zipcode: 80920 email: We will take all the notifications of donations we receive and bundle them together and pass them along to the powers that be along with a copy of the petition signatures! However you donate, be sure to indicate that your donation is in honor of the \"Light Of Compassion - Fans of Friday Night Lights United\" effort. Please spread the word about this campaign to any message boards or fan related sites that you know about!


This movement is sponsored by all fans of the tv show \"Friday Night Lights\" broadcast on NBC. Web site\'s affiliated with this petition include: If your website would like to join the campaign and be listed above please send email to:
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