Life Without Parole for Sex Offenders

Nance Ezzat
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To The Governments of Australia,

We, the people of Australia have very one simple demand.

We demand consistent sentencing of all sex offenders across Australia – LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE.

This is because we demand mercy to be given where mercy is due – to the victims of these heinous offences. We demand taxpayers’ moneys to be wisely spent on rehabilitating the victims of such crimes, and their families – not on perpetrators who are known to not only offend, but also continue to reoffend once released and supposedly “rehabilitated”.

Furthermore we demand as such to keep our country safe. And if sentencing sex offenders is not only about punishment but also deterrence then sentencing sex offenders for LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE would serve to at least deter those particular convicted offenders if nothing else.

We want the balancing of the Justice scale, as it currently stands it is very clear that it leans in favor of sex offenders without any concern for the victims, their families and potential victims and their families when those offenders are released from prison only to reoffend again!

We do not see any justiciable reason for this simple demand not to be met by our Government, unless of course our very own Government wishes to condone and continue to facilitate for such horrendous acts to occur and reoccur because it is in their own personal best interest not to meet this very simple demand of the Australian public.

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