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Lexulous Coffee House Complaint

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Dear Jay and members of Lexulous Administration, We, (the participants of Lexulous Coffee House), have joined together, to make a formal complaint about a certain person (collectively referred to, (by us), as "IT"); who has been terrorizing the patrons of Coffee House for well over a year's time now. This woman (named 'Theresa' {believed to be her real first name()}, and from Australia, ("supposedly"), has been a menace to us all in her constant use of offensive remarks and extremely vulgar language. The foul language: she knows which words are and aren't allowed by the filter, and those that are not - she simply uses alternate spellings to get around. She makes 'personal' attacks on the regulars here, and singles out the ones that she knows are sensitive, and who will take utter offense by what she says. To say she is extremely offensive, is an understatement. She is maliciously hurtful, as we can "all", well attest to. As just mentioned, this has been an ongoing problem for way too long now. She gets banned, she comes right back again under a new alias. Our hope, is that there can be placed upon her IP address (or address"es", for it may be more than one computer she's using!) a permanent banning, that would end this once and for all. Realizing also, that there are ways around such a banning, we also would hope to, through repeated "reporting" by us, work 'with you' in eradicating this problem for good; in hopes that she will run out of options eventually, and give up. We realize this may take some time, but if that's what it takes, we're willing to go the distance on this! This has gone on long enough, and we are pleading that some sort of action be taken by you. We're hoping to get at least a hundred-plus Lexulous Coffee House patrons to sign this petition to show you just how much shared concern there is in this matter; and hoping further, that you will please act accordingly, in order to rid the site of her completely! She was initially named "Grumpysmurf", and had that name for some time. She was then banned, and came back as "Musicalnote"; then came the name: "Joeypaws", etc... A rough guesstimate of the number of names she has had, would be maybe 30-50 different aliases. Perhaps more About "maybe half" of these, would include the following screen-names: "HalloweenCandy", "VeryNicePerson", "eatme","eatyou", "moistandwet", "suavekisser", "reallyniceguy", "itsmedewes","bannedforlife", "hoofin_hussy", "cheesetits", "hooklineNsinker", "dnegelgnikcuf", "amityinfinity", "midnightsnacker", "gladyourback","fathairygoat","Frantelle", "bumblebeebutt", and most recently, "buttonsnzippers", "cowpatpaul", and "camels". While, on the surface, this may appear to be a somewhat harmless thing to some, many of us believe that it "could" actually develop into something even "dangerous", given the 'worst case scenario'. For if you really look close at this, she has all the classic signs of someone with severe mental psychosis, perhaps even delusional, and if (by some chance) she were to take this obsession of hers a step further, even, and start carrying out similar actions in 'real life'... well, you can see where it might "possibly" end up leading to, I'm sure. We, who have this shared opinion, also feel that this may not be the 'answer' to that aspect, perhaps; but that certainly the more amount of time she spends in doing this, the greater the chance that it someday might actually mesh into her 'real life'. And that, in of itself, is a very scary (yet real) possibility. We're strongly recommending immediate action be taken, and are committed to doing whatever it takes (on our parts) to put an end to this verbal harassment and abuse, permanently! We thank you very much for your time (for listening), and hopefully, for your shared concern in all this - ultimately. leading to an actual solution to this very disturbing problem. Thank you once again! Sincerely, "the Lexulous Coffee House 'family & friends': ('Signatures') (by "screen-names")

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