Let's start a Standup Paddleboard Team/Club at Ransom

Ken Russell
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Standup Paddleboarding is an incredible sport that is growing worldwide. Would you have an interest in a SUP CLUB or TEAM at Ransom Everglades? It would be the first of its kind in the country.  We could develop instruction for students, training for racers, and storage for club members. By putting your name on this petition, you're simply saying that you would support the idea of Ransom Everglades starting a SUP Club.  Please only sign if you are a Ransom parent, student, faculty member, or board member.


Full Disclosure: My name is Ken Russell. I'm the father of an incoming Ransom 6th grader (August Russell) who is the youngest SUP paddler to ever win a 5 mile race. I organize several races in the area, all for charity. I'm also a paddle board distributor and would like to provide boards and coaching free of charge for the school to start a club or team.





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