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There is so much we can't change that it is easy to feel powerless.
And do nothing.

In the face of pain, fear, terror, and things which our hearts can barely wrap their heads around, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.
And do nothing.

Because we feel we can't do much about the big things, we tend to just give up... and do nothing.

And yet.

Yet, we are not powerless.

In fact, we have full power to alter someone's day, to make it sweeter - if only for an instant. And the magic is that this tiny little instant can create far, far reaching ripples. So far reaching that we may never know where they landed.

Imagine this:
You smile warmly at the stressed looking cashier at the grocery store. The kind of smile that says: "I see you, and I see that you are stressed, and I want you to know to say that I think you are doing a great job, and that it's all going to work out." Just with a smile. Well, the cashier sees your smile and something inside softens a little. When he/she gets home, she is a bit more patient with her child. The child is nicer to the dog. And the dog, in turn, does not bite the neighbor. All this because you took a second to smile.

See what I mean? See the potential ripples, here? See the huge return on your small investment, too?

Now imagine this multiplied by 100s, maybe 1,000s. Can you start to feel the potential shift in the air?

THIS is what I invite to be a part of. A small yet huge global shift.

Like this:

By signing this pledge, you are committing to reversing the tide. You are committing to leaving the day, the people with who you interact , and generally the air around you just a little bit happier than you found it.

Here are a few ways to get you started, and I bet that once you begin, you'll find plenty of your own:

- Ask how a person is doing - and really listen to their answer, not adding your own story / hijacking theirs.

- If you have it to spare (and most us do), give someone who asks for it a few pennies or maybe a little bit more. Let your thoughts of whatever they may do with it be their own business.

- Make eye contact with strangers and smile at them.

- Hold the door for someone, or help them carry their groceries to the car.

- Become aware of the energy you bring to a place or a situation - and become intentional about it.

- Share good news and do not add fuel to bad ones.

- Find something good to genuinely say about someone - and do so, either to them or about them.

- Let someone go in front of you, if they seem rushed.

You get the idea.

So here, it is. My invitation to
1) join me,
2) invite others to join us.

I am looking forward to making a difference with all of you,


- Laura

PS: Any question, email me.

Laura Lavigne
Happiness Coach
Creator of the Happiness Sprinkling Project,
and author of You Sprinkle Happiness!

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