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Let's prevent another peanut

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on the 12th of July 2016 at 8 am I walked to my local shop/petrol station to get some money out the chash machine as I walked by I noticed a black and white scruffy looking dog sat in the corner looking so sad and sceared I walked by again he growled at me so I walked a way looking back wondering why he was there I walked in to the shop and got the bits I needed as I got to the counter I ask the guy at the shop why the dog was there he told me that the dog had been dumped there at 4am by a man in a wheel chair and another man who could walk who both looked like drug users. So the poor dog had all ready been there 4 whole hours sat there wondering when his owners would be back to get that time never came as I walked back out of the shop he was still sat there I looked back and could not help but feel like I needed to help in some way I walked home and got in my house and explained to my other half what had just happened he then walked back up to the place where I told him the dog was with our dogs red lead and after trying for 45 minets he finally coaxed the dog on to the red lead and walked him back to our home we feed him some chicken and gave him water...I rang the dog warden who said they would be out later that day to come and get him so I decided while we watie I'd post on Facebook to find out who this dog was and how he had gotten there (I shall post what I put later on in the picks) any way I found who his owner was and what the dogs name is he's called penut I also found out that penut has had such a horrible life and been subjected to years off abusse and tortured and beaten up daily to be made to look like the dog and his owner were homeless his owner lives at Swinburne avenue, Balby, doncaster dont know the number, the blokes are called Paul and Andre Mc Kenna. 1 only has 1 leg as he had the other amputated due to drug missuse (I will post picks of him below) by the way there both live in a house are not homeless like they say in Doncaster town center while begging for money for God knows what...any way I got loads on people commenting on the Facebook post and I was so glad we found all this information out about penut Which is now helping him out to be trained in to a lovely dog he got taken that day by the local dog warden who placed him at Mount pleasant kennels for a week to be claimed by his owners who never came forward after that he got placed at radar dog rescue who are now teaching him that you can trust humans and also love humans to he will need a lot of training and rehabilitation from the years of abuse he had to suffer from his last owners the reason i have started this up now is that I have been sent information that his old owners now may have another dog and I don't want this dog to be found the way penut was or treated the same that is no way to live or be treated as well all know the local community and growing groups on Facebook can make more of an impact that doing other things so I'm setting this up in hope that we can help this other dog out I have contacted the RSPAC or are local a dog warden and any 1 else who will listen in hope that they will be able to help remove this dog out of there care but we all know there over run with what they do all ready so I can all the people who see this to please sine and also shear and contact the rspca your self's if you see them with another dog maybe then some 1 will listen and penut and the new dog will get the justice they both desirve people like these should not be allowed to have any animal thanks for reading

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