lets knock alzheimers out for good !

Laurie Parker
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in honor of my beautiful mom " betty " she is such a loving , caring , compassionate person who was unfortunately one of the 5 million people that has " alzheimers " ! she went from being such a productive , person in society to a " prisoner " of this disease ! it is so painful to watch a loved one slowly slip away from the family one day to the next who was once a vibrant , out going , person to a shell i hate to use that word but , it is the only way that i can describe through my own eyes on what i have seen going through this very difficult and heart wrenching journey ! i love my mom so much and cherish the ground that she walks on ! my wish would be to find a " cure " soon for this deadly and mind altering disease and put it where it belongs in " hell " ! my dad is her " angel " and treats her with dignity , respect , and lots of " love " ! i could not even imagine the emotional pain that my dad is going through losing his spouse this way ! god bless him and my precious mom ......





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