Let's go forward and not backward!

Johnnie Green
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I was born in 1947 and seen mant things happen. I remember the struggle that Martin Luther King did for us. That we all were created equal and god children. Many things have change for the Blacks doing my life. Laws were change, jobs and careers opportunities were open and etc. I was the second career employee to work for the Dothan, Al US Postal Service until meeting with the then Postmaster question him about hiring more Blacks or I would file EEO. Today, you see many working in all departments and able to advance. About as many got fired as the number of years I work there. Some got fired for knowing they were dsoing wrong. And as some Whites move up in management (they had this old souther White attitude) made it hard for some of the Black because they were racist. We are have that trend with the DA and law enforcement within Houston and Henry counties today. This year along there were three incidents that the DA claim he uphold the law and send cases before the grand jury. Who were the grand jury, are their any Blacks on them. My guess is NO. Blacks are afraid to be stop by law for whatever reason. And if it is not what the law enforcement looking for, they will find something else. Houston and Henry counties are only about 20% Blacks but the prison and jail are housing about 65% or more. I have known doctor, judges and lawyers commit the same crimes like drugs and alcohol but never get stop. I have seen them drink. Most major restaruants serve alcohol beverage and they drink. Two young Black men been killed in Dothan, one in Headland, Al for no good reason. One Black child got ran over from "hit and run" and nothing been done about any of these. If it were Blacks did something like this they would have been in jail today. Or charges brought against them. the DA have been in office so long (started off as a Democratic and now Republican) make his own law. Most of the juries for cases are selected to be Whites, I seen this happen. Ladies and Gentlemen, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King didn't do this for nothing. They gave their lives for us to be human. The Whites in power is walking all over minorities. We should take a stand for our children sake. Stop letting them keep us in poverty because wer are just as intelligent as they are. I need you to sign this petition to stop the wrong doing and abuse. Those that want to be respected must act upon it.



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