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Let's get Elena back on Vampire Diaries

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We the viewers of Vampire Diaries accept that Nina Dobrev (Elena) is currently in an ageless slumber until her best friend Bonnie dies. However, the writers left this situation open-ended, therefore one can only conclude this is because they were never planning on killing or ending Elena's time on the series, but since Nina Dobrev felt it was time for her to leave the series the situation we find ourselves in currently was necessary at the time. This petition is promoting that Elena doesn't stay off the series entirely, if Nina needs time to further develop her career, find love, live a little, so be it...but Vampire Diaries' reputation shouldn't suffer the loss of viewers and review consequences from losing a cast member. 90% of viewers have voted on multiple polls that Elena should actually return to the series, and respect that Nina needs time, but as several of TVD cast members have stated, she is wanted and there is hope for her return. Therefore we propose that Nina take anywhere from 1-2 seasons off of the show, but return at the mid-season finale of season 8 or 9, perhaps even the season finale of season 8. Preferably we hope she would return at the beginning of season 8, or at least come back for part of whatever the final season will be.

Nina, Ian, Candice, Paul, Steven, etc. if any of you are reading this, we know some of you support Elena's return and Nina we know this is a far-fetched thought for you, but please consider it. You have a whole fan club supporting your happiness from afar, and personally I don't think the show should have even continued without you, but it did and it seems there is only one way to fix this... or at least for you to support our happiness as much as we support yours. We all have to make compromises, so take your time to find your happiness, and promise us ours. Do it for all of the girls who look up to you for your perseverance, and your determination and the your ability to remain so genuine... Do it for teenagers like me who want you to find your happiness, but literally get so engulfed in the magic of books and movies and television and how they spew up these emotions that you've never experienced because your too young and naive to have ever felt the magic of epic love stories or movie scenes that make your life magical. It's like when you look back on when you were little and believed in princes and princesses and true loves kiss, and fairy godmothers, and wish you could relive every heart fluttering moment, and all of it's hope. Elena taught us to always have hope, so please give us hope again.

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