Let's fight to keep Doug Davidson on The Young and the Restless!!

Suzette Caron Bellows
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After 40 years of loyalty & commitment to CBS, Emmy award winning actor, Doug Davidson is being pushed out of his job as Chief Paul Williams on The Young and the Restless. We, as fans, must demand that he stay on the show and receive the airtime / story lines he deserves! In an industry where top executives are rewarded and paid an exorbitant amount of money to go away for questionable behavior, someone of Doug's character, talent and grace being "discarded" is unconscionable!!!

As so many of you know, the show has lost over 1 million viewers under the poor leadership and bad decisions made by Mal Young and Angelica McDaniel. To save the show, we must demand their immediate termination from CBS!!! It's not too late, let's make our demands known and insist that CBS listen to what the fans want!

Please sign this petition and let's work hard to reward the service of an outstanding man and actor that deserves our appreciation and support.

STOP WATCHING Y&R IMMEDIATELY!!! Maybe even lower ratings might finally convince CBS to fire Mal Young and Angelica McDaniel in hopes of saving this soap that we all know and love.



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