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Let's end racism

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Racism is getting to much nowadays and we need to put a stop onto it. Police are targeting blacks and killings blacks and accusing them of stuff they don't do. Everything was ok when Martin Luther king was alive but then he died for doing what was right. Barack Obama was never hurt and he was black and he was in power and he made America great but now they have a white person running America it's gone shit again. Even in the United Kingdom we have racism. You see in the news about black people being arrested but you never see a white person yet there are more white people being arrested then blacks but the media likes to Ben racist and only show black people being killed or arrested. More and more kids nowadays are carrying weapons because of the trauma they see on social media nowadays about blacks being killed or hearing that they family have died because of a police office falsely accusing them for stuff they didn't do. Yes admittingly not all blacks are in the right but it's only like 2% of the blacks that are actually in the wrong but it's like 70% of the blacks that are being killed or falsely accused of stuff all because there black. This world isn't just turning out to be sick considering I'm only a 15 year old boy and I'm writing this because I'm dating a mixed racist girl and I'm white and her dads black but he's doing everything by the books but he's been targeted in the past that's why he's moved down to Worthing to get away from everything and to turn his life around. One of my really close mates aren't black and he's never done anything wrong in his life but his family get watched when they go to the shop. But it's not all about the police, there are normal people in this world who are racist and find it funny to slag blacks off and make them sound bad but 95% of them either carry weapons or are mates with blacks. The world just needs to put its foot down and help stop racism before it goes to far and the world just comes to an end because of the blacks getting revenge on the racist people

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