Let Dave into America!

Rob DenBleyker
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Cyanide & Happiness needs your help!

Its four creators (Kris, Rob, Dave and Matt) all live in different parts of the world. In order for us to make more animated shorts, we need to get Dave into the states from Ireland. And for that he needs a visa.

Unfortunately, the powers that be believe Dave's work is not notable enough to qualify him for an O1 visa (for extraordinary artists). We created this petition to give evidence that this is untrue; that his work and the comic he's a part of have a huge global audience.

We urge you to please sign this if you are a fan of the creative work Dave McElfatrick has put into the online comic Cyanide & Happiness.

Please leave a personal comment as well, about why you like his comics and animations, so that those reading this will know that each one of you is a real person. Also note that the donation at the end doesn't go to us and is optional, you do not need to donate anything to this cause.

Thank you for your support!




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