Let Betty Tibikawa stay!

Debbie Epstein
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Betty Tibikawa is a Ugandan lesbian who was branded with a hot iron because of her sexuality. She has been kept in Yarl's Wood immigration removal centre for some time. Now the government has decided that she must be deported back to Uganda, the country where she was so horribly attacked and injured and where David Kato, a Ugandan gay activist, was murdered earlier this month. This is in spite of Nick Clegg saying that this country would not deport people persecuted on account of their sexuality. You can read the story at http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/may/31/ugandan-branded-iron-deportation-sexuality. We call upon the UK Border Agency and the British government to give Betty Tibikawa leave to remain in the UK with refugee status and to stop deporting people persecuted for their sexuality.