Let them meet again!

Wage Johansson
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There is a fantastic old couple in Småland, Sweden, they have brought up three children and have four grandchildren that they love above everything. They have lived a tireless life, worked hard, but also devoted themselves to charity. It was plain happiness when their granddaughter was born. They had a very close and good contact with the little girl the first four years. All the Christmases was celebrated in traditional way. In the summertime, the little girl visited her grandparents in Småland a lot. Grandma and she baked cakes and tinkered. Grandpa took her out fishing and they built snowmen together.

Then came a tragedy, the girl was moved - against her will - to the father. He repeated promises to visit grandparents with the girl in court as well as on the phone with the girl's aunt. This never happened. It is now four years ago (2008). Last winter the situation aggravated even more. Documentation reveals that the girl repeats that she wants to live with her mother – if she cannot she wants to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. The Swedish authorities neglect the girl. When you see these three people together so you can also see a sincere and deep love. We believe that it is wrong to keep them separated. According to the human rights of families reunited, let it also applie to this family! 





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