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Let the Goshen High Schools Statue and symbol of all the 2013 graduates, Stand tall at the 2013 Graduation

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We all have heard the disturbing news that the Goshen High School Redskin statue has been taken down for graduation, because of racial complaints. I'm concerned for the students graduating this year at Goshen high school.You know what? PUT IT BACK!!! this is a terrible thing to do to those 100s of students graduating. ...just terrible..... High school is know as "the best years of your life" in life you will find biased opinions on everything! But people on the opposite side need to learn when to turn the other cheek. These students went through years with this symbol. I don't care if you like it or if you don't. SO WHAT? its an opinion... GHS' team chants all invole the redskin name, their jerseys, their school shirts, their jackets, their NAME, what they were known as! THE REDSKINS, GO SKINS, REDSKIN PRIDE, WE ARE THE REDSKINS, GOSHEN REDSKINS! Enough with YOUR opinions! This is THEIR graduation...this is the ONLY ONE they will have. It will be the last day most of them will lay eyes on the statue that stood tall for decades, and represented everything GOOD about their high school career. Now their graduation will be know as the time the statue was taken down....way to go GHS way to let society stain what was meant to be one of the happiest days of these students lives.....way to go society, for once again leaving a negative mark on the memories of our future leaders.....and we wonder why this world is so screwed up? Because people can NEVER set aside differences and focus on what's really important....in this case...what's important is the students! The young adults that that day is REALLY for..........but everyone has to have it THEIR WAY..noone else matters.....shame....shame..shame." Biased matters have always been an issue, but when it effects a huge milestone for students, thats when a matter needs to be pushed aside most of all. I understand the offended people, and their outlook on it, BUT they can iqnor it easier than a student can iqnor something that ruins their graduation. I really want to know if there is a way that I or anyone else can attempt to turn this around. This issue is deeper than a meere statue being taken down. Its just a never ending argument, that is now hurting the students. That statue means more to them than racial issues, or a piece of wood. If you FOR or AGAINST the statue please for once put the argument to rest. These students are done with High School, at least allow them tonhave the presence of their mascot at THEIR graduation They went years with him. Even if someday he is taken away forever, at least let him stick around to say goodbye to the students he represented through their highschool career. Please sign and pass on!

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