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Let students have piercings

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I believe that students should be aloud piercings in school as I can not see how, in anyway, a piercing effects the way a student learns in school. If anything, allowing a student to have a piercing allows them to express themselves as they are already taught to do and to, in some cases, "fit in." Some want to say that a piercing is a distraction to other students, but lets not be naive, that student is either going to pay attention or not. I doubt that a male student is going to stare at girls nose piercing. No one is going to stare at someone else's piercings when they can just as easily stare at the board, out a window, or at their desk. It's ridiculous to think that a students failing grades would be blamed because someone in the class had a piercing. It's just a blatant excuse of the teachers, administration and parents. In many ways the education process' is failing and one of them is either too tight of restrictions on these young free minds or not enough restrictions letting kids who have no piercing get away with too many bad behaviors and punishing student with piercings for even slightly misbehaving. What is worse, a piercing or hitting another student? Someone would have to convince me how a piercing could even remotely interrupt the education process. It's been proven time and time again that when people are put in to an environment that feels oppressing that they immediately rebel. If this is the case, than that is one reason why students want to have piercings. Allowing students to have a piercing would anger them about one less thing and keep them feeling independent giving them the feeling they are learning for their own good. School students should not be missing up to 7 weeks of learning to just be isolated without work.

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