Let Kishimoto end his Story the way he wants to

Livia H
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You have every right to ship what you want to. You have all right to not like the ending of something, but you cannot complain like a baby, and tell a creator of a story to change the characters that you think you know more than they do themself.



  • Allyson Hendrix
    Nov 24, 2014
    Nov 24, 2014
    I totaly agree with this petition. This is really sad. Naruto has been a very sucessful anime over the years with many fans. Kishimoto has put in a lot of work into this anime not to have it destroyed over some petty petition that some crazed fan shippers created. Naruto is WAY bigger than couple parirings, they dont even change the course of the anime much at all. and this is coming from a big time shipper, but i dont go all crazy over my ships. Heck, i am even i narusaku fan, actually im a naruhina fan as well. i wouldn't mind either pairing. But this massive agrument that shouldn't even be this big has but a disgrace to the narusaku fans. Not all, but a good bit of them. Don't reuin this anime for the thouands of other naruto fans, and not just in the U.S.A. either, all over. All of this looks really bad on us and could influece in us not gettig very many more anime's here. Well there my rant.


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    Allyson Hendrix
    3 years ago