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Let Green River College Employees Use Supplemental Benefits!

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GRC PFML Supplement Campaign Resolution of UF & WFSE March 2, 2020

Whereas, on January 24th, 2020, the Green River College Director of Benefits sent an All-College email stating that employees cannot use accrued paid leave or shared leave to supplement the WA PFML benefits;

Whereas, the PFML benefits pay only a portion of an employee's salary equaling 90% of the first $595 in weekly earnings, plus 50% of the remaining earnings, capped at $1,000 per week, which would be a hardship to most employees;

Whereas, GRC has the power to process up to 40 hours per week of accrued and shared leave as a supplement to WA PFML benefits, as evidenced by the current practices and policies at the Seattle Colleges and the University of Washington;

Whereas, the shared leave program affects classified and exempt staff and faculty members alike;

Therefore, be it resolved, that WFSE and the United Faculty call all employees to request access to their own accrued and shared leave as a supplement to WA PFML benefits in order to prevent additional financial stress during times of state-approved absences from work;

Therefore, be it finally resolved, that WFSE and the United Faculty urge the college administration to create compassionate leave policies so that employees can enjoy their normal level of economic security while healing, caring for family, and bonding with their children.

WFSE Steward Committee of GRC

United Faculty of GRC

Your employer may offer a supplemental benefit, which can be paid time off designated as supplemental, and this will not affect your weekly payment. Ask your employer if this option is available to you.”

(see below email)

From: Sheryl Gordon
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2020 7:49 AM
To: *Restricted - All College Mail
Subject: Important Information About WA Paid Family Leave (PFML)

Some important information to know if you are an employee of Green River

College and applying for PFML Wage Replacement through the Employment Security Department:

(1) Washington’s PFML Wage Replacement law requires employees give their employer30 days written notice in advance, when the leave reason is foreseeable or provide notice as soon as practicable if the leave was unplanned;

(2) PFML (WA State Paid Family Leave) through the Employment Security Department provides payment for approved claims; Green River College employeescannot use their own college paid leave or any donated shared leave while receiving PFML wage replacement through Employment Security Department. To clarify further,any amount an employee receives from ESD for an approved PFML wage replacement claim cannot be supplemented by their own college paid leaveor by using any shared leave donations;

(3) It is important for employees to understand that when they are approved by ESD for Paid Family Leave Wage Replacement, they must complete TLR’s for Green River Collegeprior to leavingfor all pay periods they will be gone – using Leave Without Pay. If employees are taking “intermittent” PFML Paid Family leave, they will complete a TLR each pay period as usual and will use “leave without pay” for any intermittent days they will be claiming as PFML wage replacement with Employment Security Department;

(4) Retirement plan participants - PFML wage replacement is not reportable to the Department of Retirement Systems or to the SBRP (TIAA) system. No employer or employee contributions are made to either of the aforementioned retirement systems;

(5) PFML Replacement wages paid through Employment Security Department will not be reflected on your Green River W-2 form;

(6) If you are eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance while on PFML Wage Replacement, you are responsible for making arrangements for paying your monthly employee health care and other insurance premiums to Green River College during your absence. You must contact your college benefits officer prior to going out for PFML leave on the best way to manage payment of your health care & other insurance premiums.

Sheryl F. Gordon| Director of Benefit Services

Office of Human Resources | Green River College

p: 253.288-3434 | f: 253.288.3472|*

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