Let Arab countries peace!

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Though I am only an ordinary Chinese. But the ups and downs in my life have been being just like the constantly peace-less in Arab mainland.

I have been being expelled unlawfully from the top medical institute as a post graduate student just before my graduation in 1990. Since then, my life and job have been confronting with constantly un-fair, ups and downs. The reason has been known to all. But up to now, I have not got fair treatment.

Like my sufferings, the Arab countries have been confronting with constantly peace-less ups and downs. The Iran and Iraq war, Gulf war, the Iraqcivil war…… more than others are perfect evidences.

Every Arab up and down are companying death, blooding, and mixed with foreign countries.

Who can say my un-fair sufferings are not mixed with foreign countries, apart from the Chinese politicians, the bad boys?

Now, the Syrian country, an Arab country, is confronting with civil peace-less and the interfusing of foreign countries.

While the common foreign relationship doing are not interfusing foreign internal affair.

Why the internal affair of Syrian country is confronting with peace-less and the mixing of foreign countries?

Why the Arab countries have been confronting with constantly peace-less, ups and downs and the interfusing of foreign countries?

Now, lots people are thinking that the Arab countries are springing, the Arab Spring. The Arab countries are rich in oil. Which is backbone of the Arab Spring.

The foreign countries who have been fighting for Arab oil should trade fairly and peacefully. So there are no deaths at all at the Arab mainland. They should not only make their countries men rich and happy. But also make the Arab mainland and others, including me, really happy and rich. The fake doing when the foreign countries badly mixing in the Arab countries should end as soon as possible.

The Arab countries are sure having the ability to guard their mainland peacefully, amid well using their oil in the near future.

Let Arab countries peace!

Let world peace!

Let me peace!

The Iran film, "A Separation", has just been receiving 2012 Oscars award of the best Foreign Language Film in the first time. The same film has received other international awards by westerners.

Why the other Foreign Language Films have not received 2012 Oscars award of the best Foreign Language Film? While there are lots of highest quality films running the 2012 Oscars awarding.

It seems that the Iran and the Americans lead westerners in the film art world are the comrades, brothers. The friendship and good willingness are expressing among the Iran, the Americans and other westerners.

That the Americans and other westerners award the Iran film, "A Separation" is the signal that the Americans lead westerners are going to peace the Iran and Gulf, the Arab mainland. Which is the much too good trend.

I and the world are paying tension attention to the politic development in Arab mainland.

Author: Xu Han-You

Clinical institute, Workers hospital of Nanyang textile corporation, Nanyang city Changjiang RD No.200, Henan province, China.

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