Less Rules on Vanderbilt Greek Life

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Dear Chancellor Zeppos,
Over the past few years the amount of rules and regulations placed on the Greek community has skyrocketed, and as a result has severely limited the activity of the Fraternities and Sororities of Vanderbilt. The sheer number of organizations that have been kicked of campus provides evidence to this effect, as does the number of fraternities on some type of probation at any given moment. The reality of the situation is that Vanderbilt has one of the most tame Greek systems in the country and still it is antagonized. The effect of this is not increased safety as was the hope, but decreased student satisfaction. People who wish to drink to excess and do crazy things will do so, all that has happened is they have been forced to do it further away from the hospitals that would service them if they get in trouble. In addition it would seem no coincidence that Vanderbilt has fallen off the lists of happiest schools since the beginning of this limitation, a list which it used to top. It would be fair to say that Vanderbilt's best quality is the combination of excellent social and academic atmospheres,something that relies heavily on Greek life. So it would seem prudent for the maintenance of the happiness of the student body and draw of applicants that the burden of regulation on Greek organizations be lightened, perhaps in favor of increased liability on their part. This is want we ask in this petition, to get rid of these new restrictions on Greek organizations (new meaning all policies implemented after 2008), and allow this community to flourish as it once did.



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